Why DragNFly

If you don’t offer Wi-Fi, you’re losing business.

If you don’t offer DragNFly, you’re losing sleep.

We were there for the birth of wireless.
DragNFly has nearly a decade of experience in an industry that’s hardly a decade old. In fact, only AT&T has been offering managed Wi-Fi solutions longer, but they don’t give you our control, customization or customer contact.

We’re everywhere Wi-Fi goes.
We’re helping businesses like yours in states all across the country and in countries all across the globe. We offer their guests greater online access and offer them better access to their guests.

We’re the only fully customizable solution.
We build the system you want, not the system we want for you. We help you figure out just what those wants and needs are. And most importantly, we follow your brand when other providers brand themselves first.

Our Solution allows for data capture and customer engagement.
DragNFly allows you to see who’s using your wireless Internet. You’ll know when, where and how long they’re there. And you can use that information to track trends, plan events and schedule promotions. Simply put: you’ll be able to give customers more of what they want, and they’ll give you more in return.

We put you in charge.
We’re just here to help. And if that means managing every aspect of your wireless Internet offering, we’ll do it. If that means sending you the DragNFly device and allowing you to manage it, we’ll do that, too.

Our Solutions

DragNFly Wi-Fi is infinitely customizable. It looks and acts like your brand, so when guests access the Internet, they access through you.

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Know a business that doesn’t offer wireless Internet or—worse yet—offers crappy Wi-Fi connections? Name that business now, and if they sign up, you get a $50 gift card.

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