The only difference between you and our Fortune 500 clients is that they’re already clients.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large, multi-national corporation or a Mom-and-Pop Donut Shop. DragNFly fits.

Small Companies, Big Opportunities
Wi-Fi is on its way to being everywhere, and the sooner you offer a reliable, wireless connection to the world, the more customers you can serve. The longer you wait, the more you miss out.

  • Know who’s in your store and when.
  • Offer them targeted promotions.
  • Find out how often they come back.
  • Give them more reasons to visit you vs. a non-Wi-Fi competitor.

Big Companies, Little Hassle
DragNFly brings easy-to-access, easy-to-control Wi-Fi to any and every office, location or event you wish.

  • Take total control of your Wi-Fi.
  • Give guests online access without WEP passwords.
  • Know who’s on your network and track every guest user in any location.
  • Create a simple event code and get Wi-Fi on the spot.
  • Capture data about your users and market directly to them.

No matter where people want online access, DragNFly makes it possible. We also make it simple. Just give it a Risk-Free Trial.

Our Solutions

DragNFly Wi-Fi is infinitely customizable. It looks and acts like your brand, so when guests access the Internet, they access through you.

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Who Else Needs DragNFly

Know a business that doesn’t offer wireless Internet or—worse yet—offers crappy Wi-Fi connections? Name that business now, and if they sign up, you get a $50 gift card.

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