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DragNFly Wi-Fi is infinitely customizable. It looks and acts like your brand, so when guests access the Internet, they access through you.

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Your customers get fast, flawless wireless, and you get to engage your customers with personalized promotions. No one else can say the same.

Why DragNFly

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DragNFly took over the guest Wi-Fi at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, to help Go Media communicate with guests at Go Fest 2015.

“Working with DragNFly was not only simple and convenient, but we were able to get valuable information in the process. We recommended the audience download our app, subscribe to our email newsletter, take a short survey about the acts and enter a contest via text to go backstage and meet the artists.  We are planning on using the data collected to make the event even more impactful next year, all while providing free Wi-Fi to our listeners.”

Joe Pohlad - CEO
Go Media